Our Story...


Kente Lifestyle Apparel is a brand founded in 2018 with a mission to create a clothing line that honored and celebrated the royalty that makes up Black Royal Families in a positive light beginning with the Kings and Queens of the family then trickling down to our children. We strive to create a product that will highlight the diversity, beauty, boldness and uniqueness of the Black Royal family.

Our company’s name, Kente Lifestyle represents the parallels between black royal families and kente cloth material. We believe our diverse, polylithic families are synonymous with the attributes of kente cloth material. The royalty within black families exemplify certain qualities shared by kente cloth -- qualities such as beauty, pride, resilience, uniqueness, complexity, multi-colorfulness, boldness, and eminence to name a few.
Kente Lifestyle Apparel proudly works to edify and strengthen each customer through our clothing's messaging and branding to ultimately create a narrative germane to the Black Royal families we see today!